Best iPod Dock: We’re All Pod People Now

With the January sales reaching their pinnacle, we asked our expert, that , the best judgment,is the Best ipod dock. he came to the conclusion


The ipod is an amazing device.It’s like a mobile phone or a microwave. not just for the gadget geeks. Like many excellent devices,a secondary market for iPod-related products quickly followed the release and now you can buy almost anything for your little music box


  • Specialist covers to stop the ipod breaking when it’s dropped? Check.
  • {Gloves so you can still use the touchscreen function in the cold?|specialist finger placement holders| Check.
  • Specially designed inner-ear noise reduction headphones? Check.
  • Classy-looking leather cover? Check.
  • Warm and comfortable blanket? Well, no. Not yet anyway (but I’m sure somebody is working on it)


can’t live without it, some of it isn’t. iPod dock is great. Which company makes the best iPod dock?


Labelling something as the ‘best’ of anything is always a tricky prospect. The more memory it has, the more expensive it is. You’ll save money. The top range docks, like the top range laptops, or anything else for that matter, are strictly for the connoisseur. The best iPod dock is an affordable one.


Let’s see the contenders!. I dig the Phillp’s Fidelio’s design. The sleek, modern design job. Great sounds come from the Fidelio. Its a steal at £50. Really great iPod dock.


The Fatman Valvedock is beautiful. Its probably the best dock money can buy, but, like I said, that’s the inherent problem, the £200 (and then some) fee is enough to exile this beautiful creature to the lonely world of audiophiles, music nerds and people with more money than sense. GEAR4’s ‘Street Party’ does alright for itself. What it lacks in extras it makes up for in value for money. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple. it doesn’t need to work miracles so longs at it works.