Can you swap your laptop 100% with an iPad for travel?


Let’s face the truth; we all know that MAC Operating system, in any form, stands out as the greatest operating system in the world. So when it comes to the Apple tablet platform, it’s a secure bet that we’re dealing with a invention of enduring reliability, innovation and taste.


True to form, the Apples platform doesn’t disappoint.


Retaining the logical, easy usability and quick-as-a-whippet-with-diarrhoea efficiency of earlier incarnations, Apples operating system is balanced and guaranteed. Born to do well. If you happen to already use a, MAC Platform might be like greeting an old colleague.


Sure, you’ll find new points, but largely, the MAC Operating system abides by the old axiom of ‘it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and what might be wrong with that? Whenever you’re already a market leader with this precise area, with legions of individuals (often slavishly, it must be said) praising your products as infinitely greater to anything on the market, you recognize you’re doing something correct.


Still, even the Apples platform can’t please everybody. My girlfriend, drifting out and in of sleep as I create this, rolled over and asked me what I was working on. When I told her it was an introductory piece about the MAC OS, she asked me, in dreamlike murmur-speak, if it was a pc tablet that tasted of apples. When I laughed and said “no” she affected a disappointed pout and went back to sleep. Seems like its back to that drawing board, Apple.