EarpieceOnline Gears Up for Busy Summer time Event Period with the Arrival of New Earpieces

The Online store is one of the UK’s Better Suppliers of High Quality Radio Earpieces

EarpieceOnline, a major provider of walkie talkie headsets in the UK, has presently added a number of new products to its already remarkable inventory. On top of that, this company is currently offering improved prices for their good quality acoustic tube earpieces for the Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Sepura and Motorola MTH two way radios.

The timing of these new two way radio earpieces couldn’t be any better; summer season is simply round the corner and so the active event period is springing up soon. Many companies require the use of a high quality 2 way radio earpiece like the ones that were recently added by EarpieceOnline. From security businesses who are monitoring outside concert events and other warm-weather events and police division personnel, to event and nightclub workers across the United kingdom, EarpieceOnline has developed a well-deserved reputation because of its wide array of earpieces combined with its reasonable deals and exceptional customer service.

Some of the new products that were recently added to the inventory at EarpieceOnline incorporate a variety of earpieces for the mobile phone style Motorola SL4000 2 way radio. For example, the D-Ring Covert Motorola SL4000 earpiece is a great quality and comfortable earpiece that’s reliable and does not intrude into the ear. Featuring an in-line collar clip PTT with microphone, a forty five cm cable, plus a hygienic multi-use earpiece, the item is right for people who will likely be working at events this summer.

Another new earpiece is the Motorola 2-pin Bone Conductor Piece, which includes an over-the-ear clip to keep it safely in place. The earpiece also helps to get rid of outside racket and sounds in order that speech can be transmitted as clearly as possible, even in loud environments like clubs and other events.

“Furthermore this is much lighter than our previous top selling bone conductor,” a piece in the buinesses website noted, adding that the unit also comes with the removable PTT button that operates down the arm.

Anyone who would like to find out further about EarpieceOnline is welcome to visit the corporation’s user-friendly web site; there, they can browse through the vast selection of walkie talkie earpieces and other accessories. Anyone that has questions on any of the earpieces is encouraged to contact the company directly and a welcoming and knowledgeable staff member will be glad to assist.

EarpieceOnline is a significant supplier to business and end users for two way radio earpieces and accessories. The company have supported the business for over 5 years and have created a reputation of quick and reliable service. For more information, please visit www.earpieceonline.co.uk