google nexus 7 improvement coming in july

Update – this webpage post was found in the course of the customary lunchtime surf of the internet, coincidently on the nexus 7. I agree with the post of the fact that nexus is one of the first things used in the mornings and is needed through the day. But the main point of the blog is that an improvement of that current nexus 7 is pending this summer, as they assert this isn’t an official announcement, but considering how quickly the tablet market moves I would not be surprised.


My tablet of choice these days is my Nexus 7. I use it constantly. It’s my alarm clock (thanks to Gentle Alarm and the over-priced dock), my eReader, a remote control for watching YouTube on my Google TV or PS3, and of course what I keep up with all my news feeds on. It’s the first device I use in the morning and the last one I use before turning out the light at night.

But the Nexus 7 is almost a year old now, and while I don’t really have too many complaints about its performance (Chrome could be a bit faster), I’m enough of a tech-head to always be looking forward to the next new thing.

So I was really happy to read a Reuters piece that claims a new iteration of the Nexus 7 is due out in July. This isn’t an official announcement and Reuters don’t name sources, but does say it has two. And it isn’t at all a far-fetched rumor; you pretty much have to expect (at least) an annual update on tablets and phones these days.

Assuming Reuters has it correct, the new Nexus 7 will run on a Snapdragon SoC rather than an Nvidia Tegra; the source says this was because of power consumption and while that might be part of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if cost factored in as well. The new Nexus 7 is expected to be priced at the same $199 as the current model, or possibly even less ($149). I can’t imagine Google/Asus (Asus will be the manufacturer once again) being able to ship a Tegra 4 device for that low a price as early as July, and they wouldn’t want to launch a new tablet with the same Tegra 3 that powers their old one.

Aside from the processor, Reuter’s sources say the new tablet will have a higher resolution display and a thinner bezel (reducing overall size). How much higher and how much thinner wasn’t quantified, nor do we have specifics like RAM or storage options. The current Nexus 7 has a 1280×800 resolution screen, just for the sake of reference.

Google I/O runs from May 15th-17th this year, and it seems as good a time and place to announce the new Nexus 7 as anywhere. That’s probably when Google will be talking about the next version of Android: Version 5, a.k.a. Keylime Pie. Will every Google I/O attendee get a new Nexus 7 with a development build of Android 5 on it? That would certainly fit their pattern from the past few years.

I’ll have my credit card at the ready on May 15th; hopefully Google will start taking Nexus 7 Mk II pre-orders right after the keynote!


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