imagine a world without hard drives

We live increasingly virtual lives. As I type this, my external hard drives are home to a library of music, books in PDF form, several movies and my every photo I’ve taken in the last five years.


Once upon a time, floppy discs were adequate enough to store all data, which could be retrieved as and when needed. Now, however, with computers enhancing so much of our daily lives, the storage capacity required is simply too much.


Unless you’re expecting to build an extra wing of your house from CD-Rs, you need external hard drives. If your computer is lagging (by which I mean taking so long to open a document that you can hear it chugging and whirring as it listlessly longs for death during the ten minutes required to perform this simplest of functions) then you should probably buy external hard drives.


The benefits of an external hard drives are numerous. In addition to backing up all your irreplaceable stuff (baby photos, home movies et al) external hard drives will give your computer a new lease of life.


If you have documents you don’t need to see every day (that steamy romance novel you’ve been working on, for example), then external hard drives are for you. You can store your band’s demos on your external hard drives now and recover them years later for nostalgia (or blackmail) purposes. Why not organize your own desktop a little more?