Is it true that Headsets Becoming More Trendy?


There’s an easy answer to this one. Headphones are getting more popular at the same time as portable devices. The more devices get sold, the greater headphones get sold, it really is that simple.


Headphones are useless without devices, ergo, if headphones are selling well, it stands to reason that devices are too and vice versa.


The phenomenal success of the Tablet PC and the MP3 player includes a lot to do with this. The iPod, especially, has had a huge social impact. It wasn’t too way back that only kids and grown-up nerds wore headphones. These odd adults were considered curiosities, due in part to their ridiculous walk, which appeared to parody that of a constipated penguin.


Today of course, it’s perfectly usual for any person of any age to own an iPod. Even Barack Obama, at the time a Presidential Candidate, revealed the contents of his iPod in the memorable ‘Rolling Stone’ interview. So it’s no surprise that sales of headphones are shooting up.


In addition to the, as gaming technology became more immersive, so began the steady rise of gaming headphones. Of course, in order to chat, argue, or just play together online, you needed a new pair of headphones.


Today, Tablet PCs use headphones, cell phones use headphones, portable gaming devices use headphones, in fact, basically everything uses headphones. When I can’t sleep at nighttime, I stick my headphones in and listen to music on my computer whilst my girlfriend sleeps, when I venture out to meet her from work, I use headphones with my iPod and you know what? I’m not alone.


Next time you’re out somewhere, shop around you and try just how many of us are wearing headphones.


Because headsets don’t last forever, they occasionally need replacing, which increases sales even higher. Headphones are in the reach of everyone, even the painfully uncool, therefore the epileptic flamingo men are at last triumphant.