The Google nexus 7 does not possess a back facing camera, why not?

In actual fact, the reason why some pc tablets, including the Asus Google Nexus 7, only have front-facing cameras is easy. Front-facing cameras are employed for video calls, whereas rear-facing cameras are used principally for taking photographs and videos. The common tablet’s front-facing camera works an identical way like a webcam on your PC might, however the rear camera is nearer to a camera-phone.

So, in a world where everybody who can find the money for a tablet PC likely has a cell phone (with some form of camera attached to it) in their pocket, taking photos isn’t a high priority for today’s tablets. Tablet pc’s, even 7 inch models like the Asus Google Nexus 7, are bigger and much more cumbersome than camera-phones and, when it comes to snapping pictures, are somewhat less than ideal for that duty.

Brandon Miniman, of tech website, offers a positive spin about the decision.

“The vast majority of tablet users don’t use their rear-facing camera. Why? Because not only do tablets take horrible photos, but it’s awkward and cumbersome to use your tablet to take a photo. A tablet is characteristically less mobile than a phone, so you’re unlikely to have your table with you when you need to snap a photo of that special moment. You also look silly when taking a photo with a tablet. Have you ever tried it?”

That seems to become a preferred customer view, as Amazon user D.L.C wrote in his/her assessment of that Nexus.

“Camera is pretty terrible. The front facing 1.2 megapixels is nothing to get excited about. And there is no back camera. I honestly don’t get why that’s just a big deal. You look like a tool using the back camera. Anyone does”.

One more reason for the loss of the rear-camera in the Nexus (and others) could be the pricing; PC companies often save money on development expenses (and therefore decrease RRP) by eradicating or reduction, certain nonessential workings. A rear-facing camera adds to the manufacturing expenses, as well since the general cost of parts and construction and so, ups the general price of the product when it hits the shelves.

When inquired, this may be the response that Asus made in their official response.

“To make [the Google Nexus 7] accessible to the widest possible market, price is very important. ASUS believes that for this device a good rear camera is important. Adding a high quality rear-facing camera will increase the price point and many users would not have a use for it. Adding a lower quality rear-facing camera would compromise on the overall user experience so the decision was made not to include a front facing camera therefore keeping the price down and user experience extremely high”.

It actually makes perfect sense, if you put it to a vote, what would most customers choose, a function they aren’t likely to use fairly often/whatsoever and a bigger price, or one less purpose and some money off? I do know which I’d want, but then, I’m a cheapskate.