What circumstances is lone worker functional for?

Editorial – It can be very ordinary for any solitary person to work independently and possess a radio along with them, be it an office, factory or park. The lone-worker option on most walkie talkies are fundamental because of this precise situation. It can actually mean life or death for that person, working on their own, in a hazardous or life threatening situation.


Every employer has a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees in the workplace and equally that persons not in their employment are “not exposed to risks to their health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable” – with the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act introduced in 2007, the implications for enterprises in the public and private sectors of not taking lone worker protection seriously have escalated.

Two way radios are already widely in use in lone worker applications across chemical and manufacturing plants, utilities, mining, security and transport industries where personnel often cover large, remote areas or operate in hazardous environments.

However, with the increase in flexible working times, care in the community services, home delivery services, growth in CCTV surveillance and reductions in workforce, more people than ever are now operating as lone workers, often in situations where they may be exposed to potential accidents and inappropriate or violent behaviour.

The Kenwood NEXEDGE® range of digital two-way hand portable walkie talkies and mobile in-vehicle two-way radio units offer much more than the ability to transmit voice and data instantly and efficiently.

All models feature Emergency Key and Emergency Call features as standard, while some advanced models additionally offer Lone Worker and an Emergency Advanced Motion Detection Function, which make them ideal for incorporating within a robust health and safety and lone worker policy.


Original source – http://www.nexedgebusiness.co.uk/market_sectors/highway_maintenance