Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home: Nintendo’s Masterstroke

The rebranding of Nintendo as a clean, no-nonsense, family and young professional-friendly games manufacturer is completed with the enormous success of Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U has taken not just the world of games, but also home entertainment, by storm.


Nintendo Wii U has tapped into a fun-filled family market with a product unlike any other in the world. The Nintendo Wii U is smart (taking a leaf out of Apple’s design book) funky and (above-all) fun. The Nintendo Wii U is also great for exercise (unlike any other console) and more fun than other consoles to play with friends. Nintendo Wii U is also perfect for having guests over, or even just giving the kids something to do for a while when they just won’t calm down.


Your Nintendo Wii U has any number of interactive, fun-filled games available, all compatible with the Nintendo Wii U remote, perhaps the most advanced wireless peripheral out there. Where else can you do aerobics, solve puzzles and indulge in a bit of virtual darts, bowling or tennis in the hour before dinner?


When you buy a Nintendo Wii U, you’re buying a machine that is cutting edge, innovative and yet easy to play. Forget the sword-and-sorcery geekery of the RPGs. The Nintendo Wii U is a simple experience. Can’t be bothered with all the malarkey involved in saving the Earth AND beating your little brother’s high score? Just slap the ‘on’ button of your Nintendo Wii U and play some real games, dance, fence, drive…Whatever you want to do (within reason, sicko) the Nintendo Wii U has got you covered.


Many homes in the UK now have a Nintendo Wii U set up, but in order to be assured a go with a Nintendo Wii U, you’re best off buying your own Nintendo Wii U. Start here.