Ambitious Minds: “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine”

Elvis said that in the 1960’s and he was right. Thoughts are powerful things; pure attention can be made real for those who work hard enough at it. The guys who came up with a Tablet pc model evidently understood this precept. Sometimes the best ideas are merely souped-up versions of old ideas. What was the 1970’s punk rock explosion if not a re-tooling of fifty’s rock n roll? What’s the far-right fringe in this country if not a re-jigging of 30’s and 40’s fascism? What was the trendy teenage yo yo craze of early 2000’s if not the ‘hip’ revisit on the classic children’s toy? So it is for Pc tablet. The PC itself, made smaller. Well, whatever, at best tablet pc this year we love the damn things. Love ‘em!


So maybe taking a PC and which makes it portable is not essentially the most original idea ever conceived, that doesn’t mean that it is not an excellent one. The widespread sale of pc tablets has demonstrated a marketplace ready, willing and able to devour bite size computer technology, best tablet pc this year was created to inform in addition to to document the latest developments in tablet technology. In practise, we hope to use finest tablets this year to drive up sales, lower costs and ultimately prime the world for a portable PC revolution!


So how to define the potential advantages of tiny little computers? Just imagine a world where you can do everything from your watch, a world where complicated pcs can mend entire ecosystems, a audience where everything is at your fingertips. Obviously, you will not get all that from tablet, but from their children, anything can be done! Buying and using tablets gets us one step closer…


OK OK OK, maybe we are getting in front ourselves. For the time being, the best tablet pc this year is simply planning to be your one-stop shop for tablet pc information, advice and purchase. But its fun to dream, isnt it? We strap an engine to that sucker and we are able to really make something. Ideas are dominant things, the idea of a brave new techno-future, with tablet pc’s as a place to begin, could appear far fetched, but we do not consider its that far away. Not too far at all. So for those naysayers on the market, for whom a tablet pc is just a poor man’s laptop or an idiot’s madness, consider this, what comes after the pc tablet, and subsequently? And with technology that little, that successful and driven by a proven sales record, you tell us that will not have massive ramifications.


Trust us, we’re the professionals. How about this, what is a mechanically advanced Star Trek future if not just a re-tooling of 100 science fiction theatres, pulp novels and 1960’s spy series? Taking thoughts that were unaffected then and making them real in the great blue tomorrow, simply as the ancient Greeks dreamed of flight, believing it the select province of Gods and legendary heroes, yet now flying is mundane and everyday, easily inside the grasp of common folks and mortals. We’ll just keep transforming and innovating; whatever could be possible?