Gates And Windows: The Microsoft tablet tale

I was in an IT lesson, aged fifteen, when I first heard about Bill Gates. I think my lecturer had perhaps a little too much admiration to the man, but however, he weaved a flimsy yarn. As we listened, he told the class that many years ago, in an nearly fairytale depiction of Washington DC, USA, computer ‘pioneers’ (some might say ‘nerds’) would meet in undercover group meetings and see who could make LEDs blink in the most interesting ways. From this, as outlined by him, Microsoft was born.


I’ve no idea how true that is, however it always captured my thoughts. Little did I know that years later I might be using an description of it as an introductory framework for a bit about windows tablet os. There you go.


Actually, windows tablet operating system does not connect to Bill in any main way, nonetheless it got your interest, and hopefully you’ll stick with me the rest of the way.


When designing windows tablets, Microsoft evidently paid very careful concentration to areas as disparate as smartphones, wireless devices and portable electronic products. The result’s how the windows tablets may be probably the most advanced thing Microsoft have fashioned since Gates unveiled his blinking lights, decades before.


windows pc tablets builds ably in the familiarity that PC users have with Microsoft products, making windows tablets instantly identifiable. So entrenched is this feeling, that using windows tablets like exchanging well-worn wordplay with an former pal. Effortless.