HP launches its first Chromebook running Google OS

Update – HP in our belief are the best makers of laptops and computers, what they create within the windows platform, rivals what is created on the apple side of the fence. HP are now going into the chromebook marketplace, googles efforts to bring cloud based computing to the always online generation, we are still sceptial about the uses, but we’re confident with the HP brand.


CONFUSED PC MAKER HP has introduced its first Chromebook.

While Acer and Samsung have been selling their respective Chromebooks for a while, HP marked its entry into the Chromebook market by releasing a device that looks like, but is not, a fully fledged laptop. HP’s Pavilion 14-C010 Chromebook has an Intel Celeron chip clocked at 1.1GHz and even allows the user to upgrade the 2GB of RAM that ships as standard.

Although HP’s Chromebook sports a 14in screen, the firm has opted for a netbook-like 1,366×768 resolution. HP has also included both a wired Ethernet port and 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi connectivity.

HP might have delivered good connectivity on its Chromebook but the rest of the internals are a bit disappointing. The firm included a 16GB SSD with a 16GB flash cache, though given Google’s push to store everything on the cloud, perhaps that isn’t surprising. Battery life is slated at up to four hours and 15 minutes.


Acer has enjoyed some success with its Chromebook, however the market has yet to warm up to Chromebooks, in no small part due to the need for an continuous internet connection and the reliance on Google’s cloud based services. Then there is the issue of price.

HP has posted US pricing for its Chromebook and while the $330 might sound low, the firm offers a more capable laptop PC for just $100 more that doesn’t require constant internet connectivity to be useful. µ