Startup Leaf Offering Android Pc tablets to Retail shops

Update – We’re observing a trend in direction of eating houses using PDA’s to take orders to the kitchen, and now the use of android tablet pc’s and ipad’s. Now retail shops and stores are taking up the thought, using android Operating system for their employees, A start-up business called Leaf have the solution for the retail marketplace with a point-of-sale approach. Only time will tell but presently we might have shop assistants selling us merchandise about the street, outside the store clearly!


Before jumping into this post, I need to preface the fact that I am a proud iPad owner. I think it is an amazing device. But, it’s not the only one out there.
Dave Haynes has a great post on his blog about a new startup called Leaf that is building out an Android-based point-of-sale system for retail. In his post, Dave highlights Leaf’s enterprising approach to a segment of the tablet market that has been dominated by Apple.
I think Dave is spot on with his profile of Leaf. While the iPad has been the overwhelming choice when it comes to in-store tablet deployments (see: Belly, Square, Nine West, Urban Outfitters), Android is beginning to step out of the shadows.
Many startups and brands are beginning to see the value of Android tablets at retail – more economical, open platform, more device choices, etc.  I recently interacted with a Buzztime tablet at Buffalo Wild Wings that was Android-based. It was a great experience, at a fraction of the cost of deploying iPads. Ziosk is another example of a startup looking to deploy table-side tablets at scale. Guess what platform they went with?…Android.
While I believe that iPads and Android tablets both have a place in customer-facing retail deployments, it’s nice to see that companies are widening their view to take in all of the possibilities.

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