What improvements does the Kindle Paperwhite use above the older 5-way controller Kindle?

In fact, there is many motives to spend a little bit more and obtain the Paperwhite.

Abhishek Muli, a reviewer on the internet site ‘Quora.com’ broke it down to 5 succinct things, which I’ll share with you below (on the grounds that I concur with all of them and simply rewording his observations feels not right). He believed,

“I have been using the old 5-way kindle since past 6 months and can tell you that you definitely should go with the paperwhite for following reasons.


  1. 1.        For one, it’s touch controlled and just more convenient to handle in general. It’s hell of alot easier to say, annotate or highlight text.
    1. 2.        The built-in light in Paperwhite, is an awesome feature. To give an example, there may be times when say, you want to just sleep off while reading but don’t want to get up to turn the light off (personal experience) and it will come in very handy. Essentially, ambient light will no longer be a requirement. How awesome is that! In fact, for this sole reason I had considered getting a nook from barnes and nobles, but decided on kindle just because it was well, kindle.
    2. 3.        The old kindle screen, while awesome, has a dull grayish appearance instead of white if the ambient light isn’t bright enough. Not much of a problem, but it’s always bothered me a little.
    3. 4.        The 3.5 mm jack won’t really matter. If you want to listen to audiobooks or music, I guess you wouldn’t be using your kindle for that anyway. I at least haven’t used mine even once.
    4. 5.        All of these, plus the increased resolution and more font choices        (another thing I’ve personally always wanted), make the ruling heavily in favour of the paperwhite. In my opinion, it will be money well spent”.

Obviously, most of those advancements revolve around the display, but if you’re handling an electronic reader, an effective argument might be made of the fact that the display is the single most significant part.

The Paperwhite’s built-in light is an out of this world improvement, however the Paperwhite is also much better at handling Net access and is, on the whole, far more user-friendly than its predecessors.  In my own Kindle Paperwhite Review, I wrote,

“Essentially, this is an update of Amazon’s original Kindles and is, I feel, a worthy successor”.

This is not to say that there’s anything at all wrong with the old five-way controller Kindle. The old Kindle was a popular product for a good reason, it’s just that the Paperwhite is the modernized version and, being a consequence, represents a considerable step up.

When the previous models of that Kindle were being created, ebook readers were still a comparatively new product, there is far less purchaser reaction for designers and engineers to work with. Today, however, with ebook readers, tablets and smartphones being a major part of our daily life, Amazon have quite a lot more to go on and now have redesigned the Kindle consequently. They have done a terrific job of keeping what was magnificent about the original, but increasing the aforementioned parts.

That’s probably why the Kindle Paperwhite Reviews were so voluble and that’s why the Paperwhite is, generally speaking, the better option.