What’s the Greatest Tablet for an Creative person?

Come on, by now you know very well what my answer to it will be. I believe, by now, that you simply know what Yup, that’s right…Hey, waddaya mean you’ve no opinion?. OK, fine. I’ll tell you:


‘An iPad’


Indeed, the Tablet I’m recommending isn’t a PC at all.


The premise is that innovative people depend on the right side of their brain at least the left, whereas the left brain users tend to be more sensible and reality-orientated. If you are a left brainer, you’ve perhaps already seen the flaws in this article and have already dismissed the opportunity of writing an inspired email to me, because you doubt I will reply but it would not prove to be a productive use of the time. If you are right brain dominant, basically, you possibly can expect to be fairly unemployable.


In typical right brain fashion (that is to mention ‘a threatening letter written in monkey’s blood’) I’ll now make my case.


Speaking as an imaginative person, a lifelong right brain user (I have even taken the test) We have a far harder time planning to grips with Microsoft products than I do with Apple’s equivalents. I use MS Word, but only because I have used it every day for about a decade, Adobe Photoshop remains a complete secret to me, I’ve got a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than I do of figuring that one out. Without overstatement, the arrival of MAC OS into my life opened the world of computers to me .


I use my MAC for nearly everything creative. Without a MAC, I would not have a clue the best way to do these things.


I am fully aware that I am abnormally stupid when it comes to the operating of some pcs and of the fact that left brain/right brain dynamic will not be the key cause of this (though I assure you that it is an element), however, I am not the only one who prefers Apple OS for the exact same reasons . Most creative people I know prefer MACs, its almost all of them, in fact.


So, that’s my case, the best Tablet for an artist is, in my opinion, the iPad.